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Our History

Bauce company was founded in 1970 by Mr. Attilio, who at the age of 23 decided to start a business focus on the planning and realization of through feed sammying and setting out machinery for tannery industry.

 The son of Mr. Attilio, Luca Bauce, after the experience of many years working at the production and R&D technical dept. is now the former CEO of the company.

The doughters of Mr. Attilio are also key managers of the company, Mrs Sabrina is in charge of marketing and sales dept., Mrs Michela is in charge of Administration dept.

 In 2004, the company gains ISO and Vision international quality certifications.

Since April 2005, Bauce start the new project to provide stronger service to the many South America's customers by founding a new company in Novo Amburgo: Bauce Do Brasil, strategic point to provide maintenance and after sales service.

Bauce company is one of the few industry that decide to keep all the production process inside the Italian site, based in Arzignano. 

The mechanical workshop are certified with Industry 4.0 technology, same as its machinery range machinery range.

The incessant research of innovation and new improvement,  keeping as core business Through Feed Sammying machine for wet blue/wet white and Through Feed Sammying and Setting Out machinery for dyed leather, rise Bauce as the first Brand choosen by an extend worldwide customer network.

Bauce company always place as priority the quality target of the leather, giving value both on wet blue/wet white leather as on dyed leather.

The after sales service and the cooperation with the old and new customers for innovative projects are focus points of Bauce strategy.

Bauce success is guarantee also thanks to the constant research of high quality material, creating a worldwide network of partners who rely on a strong work team based close to Arzignano, the heart of Italian tannery industry.

Bauce 100% Made in Italy brand is synonymus of the harmony between Tradition and Innovation

Quality Management System

Bauce Tri.ma has had ISO certification since 2001 and recently adapted its Quality Control System to the UNI EN ISO 9001.

Design and manufacture of machines and automatic systems for tanneries. procedures for carrying out weighing activities for the determination of the "verified gross mass packed container” (vgm) in accordance with method 2 provided by the amendments to chapter vi rule 2 of the solas 74 convention as amended.

The certified activities include sales, marketing, design and development, supplies, construction, commissioning and assistance for machinery and equipment for the tanning industry.

The aim of certification is to develop, implement and improve the efficiency of the Governance System addressed to continuously improving Customer Satisfaction.

All the personnel are involved in the process of continuous improvement and achieving the goals that are given in the Quality Policy.

All the processes are monitored and controlled through pinpointed actions addressed to achieving the following goals:

  • obtaining total Customer Satisfaction
  • improving the operating results
  • improving market competitiveness
  • constant and continuous product quality improvement

The Quality System relies on selecting the right partner suppliers and, therefore, the continuous controls of the quality of the raw materials and components they supply.

The Customers’ contributions are of fundamental importance to achieve the quality goals, because any reason for dissatisfaction is totally analysed by Company management to find and eliminate the cause, implementing the appropriate actions to prevent it reoccurring. The Customer is promptly contacted with precise solutions. Any protests or complaints are considered by us as a further opportunity to improve both our products and services.

Quality Management System certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our offices and factories

  • Headquarter

    Trissino (VI) - Italy
  • Production & Logistic

    Trissino (VI) - Italy
  • Production

    Trissino (VI) - Italy
  • Research & Development

    Trissino (VI) - Italy
  • Bauce Do Brasil

    Ivoti (RS) - Brasil


    Bauce Tri.ma Srl
    Via del Lavoro, 27
    36070 Trissino (VI) - Italy

    • +39 0445490740
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    Bauce do Brasil
    Av. Bom Jardim, 1777
    Bairro Cidade Nova, Ivoti (RS) - Brasil

    • +51-3556.0555
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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